ART PROJECT: How to manage the Apocalypse?

By Svenja Schüffler

Both aesthetically and literarily, the project poses the question: “How to manage?“, and explores whether management in a high-tech civilization significantly fueled by fossil carbon follows this glorifying logic: Safeguarding energy supplies and technology projects takes absolute precedence over the accompanying side effects. Wouldn‘t that mean, that undesired consequences don‘t require prevention but just control, so to speak Management.

There seems to be no just basis for a belief that sees disasters and undesired consequences as things that can be managed, because the limits of insurability, that is the increasing lack of private insurance, suggests uncontrollable and incomputable insecurities and technological risks on a global scale.
A non-contestable justification is generated to raise alarm. “How to manage the Apocalypse?“ investigates into the issue of how a new method of talking about the end is attained, one that names the catastrophe loud and clear, in order to prevent it. Both in the exhibition and in her essay Svenja Schüffler explores this question with a thought experiment and the conception of a ‘School of Early Warning’ that cautions the end of all guarantee.  Project by Svenja Schüffler, Berlin, 2019